Integrating with Staffology/ HR Pro

When you connect your Staffology/HR Pro account with Qlearsite, you are able to benchmark your people metrics and make informed decisions:

  • Compare your HR data to industry benchmarks on attrition, absence, engagement, and more;
  • Your data is automatically analysed to show you organisational trends, and what’s behind them.

The integration is safe, secure, and simple to do. All you need to do to connect your HR platform to Qlearsite is: 

  • Enable the API in your Staffology or HR Pro account
  • Enter your Staffology/ HR Pro username and password when prompted by our platform
  • Click 'Connect'

We've been partners with IRIS for years, but if you have any concerns about security and privacy please let us know by emailing

Once connected, Qlearsite takes an initial snapshot of your data and processes it using our advanced algorithms and tools to surface the story hidden within your people data. Thereafter, we refresh your data each night to make sure you can see the latest trends and risks, as they happen.

To Enable the API in your Staffology or HR Pro account

  1. Go to System Tools > Utilities > System Configuration 

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the list 
  2. Under Modules, tick the checkbox next to ‘API’ and click save at the top of the screen

Then make sure your user account has API privileges: 

  1. Go to My Details > Personal

5. Click on the ‘Actions’ dropdown in the top right, and select ‘Set Rights’ 

6.  Make sure API Access is checked on the following: 

7.  Click ‘Save’ and return to your account. Your custom API access is now available for use in Qlearsite. 

For more information on integrating with Staffology, read more here. 

  1. Finally, log into your Qlearsite account and add your username and password to the Key and Secret fields. 

Once you’ve integrated

Depending on what HR data you had connected to Qlearsite before, there might be a short delay in getting your HR visible on the screen. This could be anywhere between 30 seconds and half an hour, depending on your Staffology/ HR Pro account. 

During this time, the homepage will show a ‘Processing’ message. In the background, Qlearsite is communicating with your Staffology/ HR Pro account over API and securely retrieving the data we need to show your People Analytics. 

Should the 'Processing' message continue to show for longer, please contact

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