Formatting in the Survey Form and Email Invitations

You can add basic formatting to both your email invitations and the survey form, as follows:

Element Markdown Syntax
Bold This is **bold**
Italic This is _italics_
Bullet Points


  1. Item 1
  2. Item 2


[asterisk *] Item 1

[asterisk *] Item 2

Please Note: Your bullet points will not be visible in the survey distribution view but will be visible in the emails. Send a test email to double check!

Embedded email address Use square brackets around the text you wish to make an email address. Followed by normal brackets using (mailto: – follow by the email address and close brackets.[Qlearsite Support](
Embedded weblinks Use square brackets around the text you wish to make a URL. Follow by normal brackets around the full URL [title](
To include an asterisk *

Use: \*Example text

Note that the \* indicates that the question is mandatory. This should display as just the * on the survey form.

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