Response Reports

The response rate of your survey refers to the number of people, or the percentage of people who have participated by providing their feedback. In this article, we will go over how to build a report so that you can better understand who has responded to your survey.

Why is a response report useful?

When collecting employee feedback, there are two stages where the response report will be especially useful.

When your survey is live

While your survey is open, the response rate is a valuable tool to assess the level of engagement from your organisation. A high level view is available on the Summary page in Survey Management, but building a response report will give you more detailed information. For example, you can see the extent to which employees in specific teams are actively participating in the survey. If the response rate is below the desired level, you have the opportunity to further engage employees by sending additional reminders and encouraging them to get involved.

When you are preparing a report of your results

Understanding response rates is important contextual information when pulling together the results of your survey. They provide valuable insights into the quality and representativeness of the data collected. Do your results truly represent your organisation’s population? Or is there a greater risk of bias because there were low response rates from a particular segment of employees? A response report can help you answer these questions so that you frame and interpret your results appropriately.

How to build your report 

  1. Go to the Survey Management module. Select the survey and distribution that you would like to generate a response report for.
  2. Navigate to the Summary page. Click on the icon in the right corner, and select Build Reponse Report

3. Select a distribution you want to use and any attributes or hierarchy levels you want to the break the response rate down by.

  • Want to see the response rate by departments or teams? Make sure you add hierarchy levels to your report.
  • Want to see the response rate broken down by how long someone has worked at the organisation for? Add the attribute Tenure to the reponse report.

4. When you have made the selections you want, select Build and an Excel file will be downloaded to your device.

What does the response report contain? 

The Excel spreadsheet varies depending on whether you have done an anonymous or confidential survey and what hierarchy or attribute selections you have made.

Anonymous survey

Your response report will be able to tell you exactly how many people have responded to the survey.

Confidential survey

In addition to telling you how many people have responded, the response report will also contain:

  • The total number of survey invitations that were sent
  • The number of survey invitations that were unable to be delivered
  • The number of survey invitations that were successfully delivered
  • The number of survey invitation emails that were opened
  • The number of survey invitations where the survey link has been clicked
  • The response rate which is calculated using the number of respondents and the number of invitations sent
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