Survey Invitations

Users can be invited to take part in a survey in different ways. If you have chosen to send an anonymous survey, then users are invited to take the survey through an ‘open link’ which is the same for everyone and can be shared in the following ways:  

  • If you have contact details for all intended survey respondents, you can upload these details and the Qlearsite Platform will send an email invitation and reminders to these individuals with a link that takes them to the survey. You are able to edit the email content but not the branding
  • If you don’t have contact details for all intended survey respondents, you can invite them by copying and pasting the ‘open link’ somewhere they can access it
  • If you want to leave the survey open for a long time – as part of an ‘always on’ listening strategy – you can add it to a website or internal page

If you have chosen to send a confidential survey, then everyone who has been invited to participate in the survey will receive an email from The email content and branding can be edited. In the email there will be a personalised link that takes the individual to the survey. This personalised link should not be shared with anyone else. 

Irrespective of what kind of survey you have selected to send, when you schedule the survey to go live, then the invitation emails will be sent, with further options to schedule reminders. 

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