Customizing the Survey Form

Very useful for getting the survey experience 'on brand'. In Survey Design, there are a number of ways you can customise a survey to ensure it conforms to your branding and style.

Customisation options:

  • Personalise the name of your survey
  • Add your organisation’s logo to the survey. The file should be .png, .jpg or .jpeg format, with a file size of less than 1MB.
  • Select a colour palate for the survey that is on brand. You can pick the colours of the banners, text, buttons and background of the survey experience.
  • Customise the welcome and thank you pages with your own images. The file should be .png, .jpg or .jpeg format, with a file size of less than 5MB.
  • Configure a redirect URL at the end of your survey. If configured, once a survey recipient has submitted their response, they will be redirected to your specified page – e.g. an internal intranet page.
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