Multi-language Support

The Qlearsite Platform supports our customers working in multiple countries.

Language Support for Custom Surveys

Offering a survey in many different languages helps to encourage respondents in different teams, in different countries, from different backgrounds to engage openly and honestly in their feedback.

To support this, you can offer the survey form in 19 languages, listed below, other than English (GB) (English (GB) is available for all surveys by default).

We do not currently support any languages written from right to left (e.g. Hebrew, Arabic, Aramaic, Kurdish, Farsi, Urdu), or languages written from top to bottom (e.g. Japanese).

  • Bengali – বাংলা
  • Chinese (Simplified) – 中文(简体字)
  • Chinese (Traditional) – 中文 (繁体字)
  • Danish – Dansk
  • Dutch – Hollandsk 
  • English (CA)  
  • English (GB) 
  • English (US)
  • French –  Français 
  • German – Deutsch
  • Greek
  • Hindi – हिन्दी 
  • Italian – Italiano 
  • Japanese – 日本の
  • Korean – 한국의 
  • Norwegian – Norsk
  • Portuguese – Português 
  • Russian – Pусский 
  • Spanish – Español 
  • Swedish – Svenska
  • Welsh – Cymraeg

A survey recipient will be able to select the language of the survey from a language selector on first accessing the survey link.

All standard labels and any pop up messages on the survey form will all appear in the language selected.

However, it is your responsibility to provide the relevant translations for each of the questions asked in the Survey.

Please note: if a survey recipient changes the language of the survey once they have started answering, the Survey Form will restart and their existing responses will be removed. Only one language can be used in a survey response. 

Language Support for the Qlearsite Question Bank

To save time, we have translated the questions in our templates into the 4 languages listed below. English (GB) is available for all templates by default and some survey templates have been translated into additional languages.

We will be adding more translations throughout 2023. If you have a team or language you would like us to cover, please raise this with your Qlearsite Account Manager.

  • Danish – Dansk
  • Norwegian – Norsk
  • Swedish – Svenska
  • French – Français*

(*French language support is currently limited to scan survey types.)

Configuring Languages in the Application

When setting up your survey within Survey Management, you can choose which languages you would like to cover. For more details, please refer to the in-app guidance when in Survey Management > Design.

Some tips to getting the most from different languages:

  • For any sections, questions or answer choices you add during survey design, translations will need to be provided in the languages you have chosen. We do not automatically translate them.
  • Languages are set at the survey level during Design. You can set your languages once and they will be available for any distribution of that survey.
  • When sending a Confidential-style survey, the body of the emails to be sent your employees can only be in one language (by default, in English). If you require the invitation and reminder emails to be in different languages, set up multiple distributions under the same survey. Do this by segmenting your audience by language, adding a new distribution for each audience segment and provide the translated text for the title and body of the invitation and reminders.
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