Getting started with People Analytics

We are pleased announce the launch of People Analytics in Qlearsite!

HR expertise, AI-driven intelligence, and automation – we’ve put it all in one platform so you can confidently answer business-critical questions, like 'what's the trend in my employee attrition?'. It’s like having a People Analytics Expert on your team.

To try it out, all you need to do is connect your HR system to your Qlearsite account. Follow the steps below, or get in touch if you have any questions.

To get started, for free:

  1. Click on your account menu, and navigate to 'Integration Setup'

  1. Select your integration from the list provided, and follow the on-screen instructions to authenticate your account and connect your data. If your platform is not on the list:
    1. select 'Merge' and search for your platform;
    2. if you are still unable to find it, get in contact and we may be able to enable it quickly.
  2. In a matter of minutes, Qlearsite will access your historical data to show you:
    1. Headcount
    2. Leavers and attrition rate
    3. Joiners
  3. Then you can set set your groups and filters using the filter panel on the left.

  1. Once your data and filters are selected, click 'Apply' and see:
    1. Your current information in a histogram, grouped by your chosen variable (like 'Team', or 'Tenure');
    2. Any trends found in your data, using our predictive analytics;
    3. Your data as a time series over your chosen period.

See something interesting? Your next step is collecting employee feedback - that allows you to dig into the root causes and underlying issues, all within one platform.

Any questions, or need help integrating? Just get in contact - we’re on your team.

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